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Better World: 
building a more inclusive,  more accessible, and fairer  world for disabled people. 

Mosaic 1898's Better World is our commitment in action to create lasting impact through collaboration.


Our work through this commitment aspires to inspire, empower, fund, and support others to open up the work they do, the projects they lead, and the businesses they run to further enhance the lives of disabled people and all those who support them.

We know together we can do so much more. 

Check out some of our Better World work by clicking here.

Stronger Together: 
Reaching more people through collaborations  and support.

Our Better World work is more than funding.


While we understand funding can be one of the biggest barriers to delivering your project, we're here to work with people, groups, and organisations that share our commitment to creating a more inclusive, more accessible, and a more equal society. We can provide support through information, guidance, coaching, introductions, and sharing of resources and expertise of our charity's network.

If you'd like to make a difference to the lives of disabled people in Leicestershire and beyond, we'd love to hear from you.

Starting the application process is easy, simply email us at and share with us:


  • a little about you, your group, or organisation


  • a brief outline of your project and the difference it will make for disabled people

  • a summary of the support you're looking for 

Once we've recieved this, we'll be in touch to talk to you about your project further and look at the next steps. 

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Mosaic 1898 x Messy Senses

Over 300 hours of group cognitive stimulation therapy for older disabled people.

Making a difference and building a better world, together.

Beter World Work
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