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We're helpers, carers, 
supporters, companions, 
advocates, advisers, and  we're fiercely committed to you. 

We work to create and deliver life-enhancing care and support services for disabled adults and children in Leicestershire.

We’ve been committed to this for over 120 years and will strive to continue until we've built a society where everyone has the environment, acceptance and opportunity they need to thrive.

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Making a difference in the most challenging of times.

We reached and enhanced the lives of 2250+ disabled people and thousands more who care for and support them.

 Source: Annual Report 1st April  2021 to 31st March 2022  

Our work today,
is as important as ever. 

Our mission has always been to be a compassionate charity, leading the way in enhancing lives and shaping disability services as the world and needs for disabled people changes. Today our mission feels as important as ever, and today we're committed as ever to:


  • promoting inclusion, equality, independence, choice, empowerment, respect and dignity for all..


  • recognising and challenging the prejudice, discrimination and social isolation that many disabled people face throughout their lives.


  • pursuing a more equal society, that is more accessible, more aware, and free from ablism. 


  • undertaking work that raises the voices of disabled people and results in the delivery of impactful, dynamic and person-centred services.

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