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We’re committed to empowering disabled people by promoting choice, respect, and dignity. Our range of Liberty, Advocacy and Voice services help us to do just that.

Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards

When caring for the needs of someone with a disability, it can be necessary to restrict their free will or in some way reduce their independence. This is known as a deprivation of liberty. 

An example of a deprivation of liberty could be to stop someone with a learning disability who lives in a care home from going for a walk late at night or deciding when they will eat their dinner.

The Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS) are checks that we can make to ensure that any restriction of freedom in a care setting like a care home or hospital is appropriate and in the best interests of the person the restriction applies to.

Where needed, we can provide a paid Relevant Person’s Representative (RPR) to support any Leicester-based disabled person in understanding and exercising their rights to appeal a deprivation of liberty.

Advocacy groups

Sometimes two or more disabled people will share the same concern or experience the same challenges. Our advocacy groups exist to help disabled people in our community share their experiences and make their voices heard about issues that are important to them. By joining people together, the groups help provide support, build confidence, and create positive change.

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For more information on our Liberty, Advocacy and Voice services, please contact us below or speak to a friendly member of our team by calling 0116 231 8720.