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Support needs are one of the biggest barriers to independence for disabled people. If you feel your support needs are preventing you from having the level of independence you want, our Colton Care services may be able to help.

How Colton Care can help?

Through Colton Care, you can access the care services you need, from help with your household chores to the support you need to start your day. Other examples of how Colton Care might help you include:

● Helping you get ready for bed

● Helping you shower and get dressed through personal care support

● Keeping you company or supporting you in going to appointments through companionship visits

● Preparing meals for you and/or helping you to eat or drink

● Supporting you with medication by helping you to remember to take medicine as necessary.

● Helping you do your food shopping or doing your shopping for you

● Taking you out for a walk or supporting you to visit friends and family

All of our services are available on a short or long-term basis, which means you can choose to have support for just one week or on a daily basis.  

What that means for you

By getting the support you need, in your own home or out in the community, Colton Care can help you remain independent, prevent you from becoming isolated, and enable you to make choices about the care you receive.

Care Quality Commission (CQC) registered

Colton Care is registered with the Care Quality Commission, who make sure health and social care services in the UK are safe, effective, compassionate and deliver high-quality care.

If you would like to view the results of our latest CQC inspection, please click here.

Interested in our Colton Care services?

For information on accessing the care support you need or to learn more about whether our Colton Care services are right for you, please contact us below or speak to a friendly member of our team by calling 0116 231 8720.