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We are a Leicestershire based charity working to provide life-enhancing services, care and opportunities for disabled children and adults (and all those supporting them).  


We exist to listen to and be led by those living with a disability. We want to centre and lift up the voices and experiences of the people who know best what is needed. 


We long to see a society that is designed with everyone in mind and where the value and dignity of everyindividual is upheld. Where diverse spaces are celebrated for the worth they hold. 


We’ve been committed to this for over 120 years and will keep going until we’ve built a society where everyone has the environment, acceptance and opportunity they need to thrive in their communities.

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We believe that every person has inherent worth that is not dependent on productivity or on fitting in to any cultural ‘norms.’  


Out of relationships and time spent listening, we recognise that those with lived experience of disability continue to face unique barriers to thriving. These barriers go beyond practical impairments, to attitudes in society (in welfare, healthcare, the workplace, in education and in law). 


We have seen the positive impact that breaking down some of these barriers has to individuals, to families and to whole communities. 


We see the knowledge and experience in all of the families we meet and the power of connecting people. We see the confidence and fun that is released when everyone has the chance to try new things. We see the benefit of when the right care, support and opportunities are available at the right time.


We hold out hope for a world that doesn’t try to ‘fix’ people but listens, affirms and centres those who know best what is needed. While we hold this hope, we are hard at work shaping services that make a difference. We aspire to be part of a society that doesn’t just ‘make space’ for those with a disability but follows their lead for lasting change and sees everyone benefit as a result. 

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We strive to create access to the support, care and opportunities that can empower children and adults with a disability to flourish. We want to be led by your voice and your story.


Our purpose-built centre in Leicester is home to our head office and hosts a huge variety of one-to-one and group activities. We also work in over 180 venues across the county (from care homes, to theatres, to canal boats, to outdoor pursuits centres and beyond!). Wherever access and confidence can be unlocked.


Our main aim is to open up the resources needed for people to better access their community and have their contribution and presence valued. This could be support to access financial assistance and care, leisure activities and new community or an advocate to help lift up an underheard voice in a challenging space.


We hold space for listening: to stories of struggle and hope. From being denied access to funding and resources to the toll that fighting the system can take. We hear the common themes of disconnection and isolation, of feeling unseen.

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We see the power of connecting with others with shared hope, of being given the room and resources needed at the right time. The confidence to try new things and the thrill that risk-taking and exploration brings. We see the power of owning your own narrative. The hope of being heard and being believed. Of seeing others living into their potential. Of experiencing worth, wonder and connection in everyday moments. Of having the chance to live life as freely and as fully as you choose. 


We work to create culture-shaping spaces that challenge ableism and other forms of discrimination and to equip people to lead a full life in which their value and worth is recognised. We believe that society needs to change in significant ways to enable the full participation and contribution of disabled people in our communities and that we all have a role to play in this. Structures that don’t work for all have to change. 


We may not have the loudest voice or hold the most power, but we believe in using the power we do have:  listening to the voices that society most needs to tune in to. Speaking up and out for their creativity, resilience, potential and worth. Not losing sight of the individual story. 

Your story. 

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