Sunbeam Narrowboat

Sunbeam is our fully accessible narrowboat used exclusively by disabled people and groups. Sunbeam operates from April to October.

Our qualified Volunteer Skippers and crew members accompany all trips to enable you to enjoy a narrowboat experience. The boat can take up to 12 passengers with a maximum of 4 people who have to travel in a wheelchair. The usual day on Sunbeam starts at 10am with a return by 4pm. A stop on the way for lunch (usually a pub lunch) is an enjoyable part of the trip. There are various trip options from Wanlip where our boat is moored.

The history of Sunbeam

‘Sunbeam’ came into our possession in 1978. She was then lengthened, and an electric lift and ramps were installed to enable disabled people to get aboard. We run day trips from April to October along the river Soar in Leicester, starting and finishing at a pub called the Hope & Anchor. In the 2009 season we celebrated our 40,000th passenger since the project began, in fact during the 2009 season itself, ‘Sunbeam’ went out 117 times carrying approximately 1,714 passengers, the majority of whom were disabled. It is important to know that while mosaic manage the boat it is entirely run by Volunteers who Skipper and Crew ‘Sunbeam’. We have 40 Volunteers who are involved with ‘Sunbeam’ and the time and energy they give is absolutely amazing.

Not only do the Volunteers take people out and give them a fantastic time, they raise money and are also very ‘hands-on’ with the maintenance; they have stripped, tiled, varnished, cleaned, painted and any number of other things. They truly are remarkable!

We take great pride in ‘Sunbeam’ and she gives so much pleasure to so many people with disabilities, but she is nothing without the dedication of our fantastic Volunteers. In these times of difficulties and uncertainty there are wonderful people out there who willingly give one of their most valuable assets – their time, for the benefit of other people. This should really be celebrated.

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