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Some people think that because they receive mosaic news it means they are a member of mosaic. This isn’t true. Anyone can receive the newsletter but you have to apply to become a Voting Member.

So what is a Voting Member and why is it different from just receiving the newsletter?

If you are interested in giving more to mosaic, not money but time and experience then perhaps you would like to become a Voting Member. It is free to become a Voting Member. As a Voting Member you get a personal invitation to the Annual General Meeting. You have the opportunity to elect Trustees who will manage mosaic. You can even put your name forward to become a Trustee.

mosaic Trustees have identified a need for some new Trustees, preferabley disabled people, with specific skills in finance, HR and/or legal matters. This will give the Board of Trustees a wider range of skills amongst our members.

Board of Trustees: 2016/2017

mosaic is proud to be an organisation of, and for, disabled people. Most of the Trustees consider themselves to be disabled; some use our services and some do not. In the world of disability mosaic is considered to be a DPULO (meaning a Disabled Persons User Led Organisation). In difficult times the strength of mosaic is the fact that members of the Board of Trustees know precisely what it is like to have their services cut back, benefits reduced, access compromised and voices sometimes ignored.

It is the role of the Board of Trustees to make sure we put our Mission Statement


Our mission is to deliver information and services that disabled people want; services that promote inclusion, equality, independence, choice, empowerment, respect and dignity. As an organisation we recognise and challenge the prejudice, discrimination and social isolation that many disabled people face throughout their lives.”

Each year, in September, a new Board of Trustees is elected. Trustees become members of the Board for three years; each year one third of Trustees resign and can put their name forward for re-election. We think it is important for all our members and customers to know who is on the Board of Trustees.

While the new Board of Trustees has 13 members, we are always open to new Trustees joining during the year. It is useful to come and observe for one or two meetings before deciding if you want to be co-opted. If you are co-opted then you can stand for full election the following September.

Being a member of a Board of Trustees bring collective responsibilities, being responsible for the strategic direction of the organisation by working with staff and customers. Thankfully the Board delegates the day to day running of mosaic to the Director and Team Managers with regular reports and updates. Overseeing the new direction mosaic has to take, as Elisabeth mentions, is exciting and challenging but as disabled people we can feel confident that this is an organisation we value and support. Trustees have to commit themselves to 2 hours a month to attend meetings but if they want more involvement there are sub-committees to be part of. If you want to involved don’t think you missed your chance, contact Michael Brittain on 0116 2318720.

mosaic’s Current Board of Trustees are:

Warwick Best (Chairperson)
Steve Smith (Vice Chairperson, Treasurer and Company Secretary)
Nic Ellis
Glynn Finney
Alison Prior
Tony Pettifor
Matthew Pollard
Janet Easingwood
Lindsey Wicks
Bhavin Gohil
Salma Kaji
Mary Smith

Warwick Best I was invited to be a Trustee by a very persuasive person. Although I had taken early retirement on medical grounds, I thought I could offer what talent and experience I had to good use without a full-time commitment Warwick Best
Nic Ellis I am able to contribute my points of view at the Board Meeting, ask questions and have the utmost respect for all the staff who deliver a very professional and first class service Nic Ellis
Glynn Finney Being a Board Member mean I have an “insider” look at the organisation and am able to assist in extending the future of mosaic. My background knowledge and experience means I can help expand the technological facilities of mosaic Glynn Finney
Alison Prior I believe that in the process of giving you get back 100%. Giving my time, volunteering builds up my confidence. I get bad days with my disability and being part of mosaic can make me feel better Alison Prior
Steve Smith I am good listener, able to appreciate the point of view of others, and I am always open to a new concept or perspective. I have good business sense and I get on well with people. I have a lot of experience in the management of business, personnel, finance, and policy making. Being a Trustee enables me to put my skills to good use to the benefit of others, thus giving something back Steve Smith
Tony Pettifor Being a member of the Board gives me the opportunity to get more involved with mosaic. I have a lot of experience and feel I am able to contribute to the Board Tony Pettifor

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