September Consultation Month

In addition to any external inspection within mosaic we carry out an annual consultation programme. Many of our customers will have taken part in one of these exercises. The idea is to find out what people think about each service. All the pieces of consultation are carried out by people who do not deliver services in the organisation. Each service designs a consultation exercise to suit it’s customer group and the sort of service we run. We chose to carry out all the exercises in the same month so we have an overall view of what is happening in mosaic at one point in time. After September Consultation Month a report is written summarising all the findings and what we have decided to do to improve our services. If anyone wants a copy of the report please contact Reception on 0116 2318720

Latest News:

Our Time4Change account is still active. If you have any small change (e.g. 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p read more about this

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There is nothing scheduled at the moment.

Focus on: ability@work

*ability@work* is mosaic’s new Employment service.

What People Say:

Friday Verve

At home I cannot use the kitchen, but at Friday Verve I can wash up, make a drink and help other people.